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Mark the date in your diaries! The Irish General Election will take place on Saturday 8th February 2020. It will be the first time the general election has taken place on a Saturday since 14th December 1918 – the formation of the first Dail.

We need a new group of leaders to solve the various crises that have sprung out of control in the last nine years Fine Gael have been in power. It’s time for the government to step up.

At the moment in Ireland, we have three considerable issues that need to be addressed: Homelessness, Hospital overcrowding (trolley crisis) and the housing crisis. As we enter a new decade, let’s take a look at these three subject crises in detail:


In November 2019, 10,448 people in Ireland were homeless. 1,685 were accessing emergency accommodation in shelters provided by Cork Simon, St Vincent de Paul and others.

Dublin based homeless charity Focus Ireland state that one way to prevent young people becoming homeless is that “there should be better provision of support services for vulnerable young people”.

Hospital Overcrowding

At the beginning of the New Year, the INMO published a report revealing the figures from the most overcrowded hospitals which included University Hospital Galway (212 patients without hospital beds) and Cork University Hospital (210 patients without beds).

The INMO stated that the first week of January was the “worst-ever week for overcrowding”. The crisis is largely due to a lack in hospital funding and staff shortage.

Housing Crisis

Statistics published by the Department of Housing, Planning and local government display the following:

Average price of new property (national)

Note: Property in this case is the price of a house

  • 2019 €236,542
  • 2016 €150,000

Average monthly rent report

For a two bedroom apartment in Cork City:

  • 2018 €1,148.02
  • 2008 €992.08

In Conclusion

These three issues have gradually gotten worse with little to no action being taken. The amount of people presenting themselves as homeless has increased, the amount of patients waiting for a bed has increased, and rent pricing has increased. All of these issues have INCREASED and will continue to unless something is done.

Ireland have entered a new decade with the same issues from the previous one. The politicians can call to our doors, promise us to do something about it but let’s be honest, they rarely ever do once they’re elected. So coming up to the election, think of the three main problems that Ireland is faced with now – the adults and children living on the streets, eating food on a piece of cardboard. The older people waiting hours on trolleys.

The people who couch surf and the people living in shelters.The people with families at risk of losing their homes and the people who are struggling to pay scandalous rent prices. The people of Ireland.

The general election is nigh and now is the time to act.

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