The Cork Homeless

Christmas may be the most wonderful time of year for many in Ireland but that isn’t the case for homeless people. While the majority of Ireland’s homeless live on the streets of Dublin, the amount of people presenting as homeless in Cork has significantly risen.

The figures

 In 2018, the number of adults presenting as homeless in Cork rose from 358 to 491. That’s an increase of 133 homeless people in the region.

Figures released in February 2019 showed that there were exactly 9,987 people registered as homeless in Ireland. 514 of those individuals were in Cork City.

In October of this year, 447 adults were in emergency accommodation in cork. Up 3% since September and a 28% rise in a total of 12 months.

Cork County Council spent almost €3m on housing families in emergency accommodation in B&BS and another €1.7m to a number of charities providing emergency shelter such as Cork Simon.

People doing their bit for the homeless

Well-known Cork charity, Cork Penny Dinners based in Little Hanover Street in the city centre provide up to 2,000 dinners a week to Cork’s homeless. They also deliver food hampers to those in need. Another well-known charity Cork Simon Community provide an emergency shelter located on Anderson’s Quay.

Businesses have also lended a helping hand to the homeless this Christmas. Two Cork hairdressers (Joseph Byrne of Joseph’s hair salon in Glasheen and Ako from the Just for men manscaping lunge on grand parade) are both providing free haircuts for people in need.

Most recent news in Cork

Recently on December 5th (last Thursday) a housing protest took place at Daunt Square. Around 150 people marched to see an end to the housing crisis.


The people of Cork are doing what they can for Cork’s homeless all year round but without government intervention there’s not a lot more we can do. There needs to be a solution to the housing crisis. There needs to be a drop in scandalous rent prices. Working people can barely afford to pay so how are people who live in poverty, who are just about getting by supposed to afford a home? 

People deserve homes, a warm home to stay in on a cold frosty night. Instead they are outside fighting the cold, fighting to stay warm and to stay alive.

So the question is will we finally see an end to the homeless crisis in 2020? Or will the government stand back while the figures continue to rise?

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